The Blowdry Club

Beautifully Styled Hair Every Week!

The inspiration behind our Blowdry Club came from another salon .

Our industry is stereotypically seen as competitive but over my 20 years working as a stylist, managing a salon and running a business I’ve noticed less competition and more support .

We are realising more and more in the current economic climate that we need to support the small business.

Small businesses supporting small businesses, building each other up because we are all in the same boat .

I’ve particularly noticed this being a woman in business, especially when doing it on your own.  It can be a very lonely place and having a support network around you can make such a huge difference to how well you cope with the ever changing industry and legislation.

When I started hairdressing 20 years ago, we used to have regular/weekly clientele.. the shampoo and sets , the weekly blowdry ladies.. always the same time every week , meeting up, catching up on the gossip under the hood dryer!

That all slowly dwindled away with busy lives and new tools enabling clients to do their hair at home.. we lost that culture of the regular weekly guest. 

With the Blowdry Club we are able to build those relationships again with our members, in fact it’s already happening in our salon.  I overhear the conversations getting much more relaxed and lots of laughter can be heard as we all get to know each other much more .

So what’s so great about the Blowdry Club?

Fresh salon styled hair as many times as you can fit it to your schedule!

Regular pampering without spending a fortune.
For just one monthly payment you can book and manage your blowdrys via an app, no need to wait for the salon to open.

Its like convenient injections of relaxation.

We use professional luxury products by Paul Mitchell and Schwarzkopf so it may be great value but by no means a ‘value’ service

Complimentary refreshments and  delicious goodies each time you come .. to add to which, you get to bring a friend for free once a month to enjoy a blowdry with you !

What’s in it for us !?

Well…. we love re building the regular client culture back up , its gives my team a chance to build their clientele by building trust and  lasting hair relationships.

And by bringing a friend for free it introduces another potential client to our lovely salon .

We are so excited to be involved in this new movement and to be able work together with other salons and businesses .

Together we are stronger .