So on June 3rd I will have been at Bliss for a year.  I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a real journey with a fair mix of highs and well…  not so highs!!

I came from being the owner of an established salon where my business partner took care of all the financial management, to taking control of a fantastic salon where the buck for everything stopped with me as the “new girl”. 

The domain of tax returns and self assessments were a bit of a black box..  I had to find my feet professionally and financially whilst settling in with a new team and being the boss..  I’ve never been one to court inertia and wanted to put my stamp on Bliss whilst improving things where needed but respecting the hard work put in by the previous owners.. 

Phew.. Sooo I rolled my sleeves up and with help of my team got to work..  I’ve tried to improve the layout of the  salon to make things more accessible and friendly for our clients, as well as giving the Bliss team much needed space and freedom where they can flex their creativity.

I’ve invested heavily in teaching and training my staff to make sure that the service they offer is cutting edge and comprehensive.

I have really tried to make the website informative and by adding a booking feature more useful and intune with modern lifestyles.  I have also  recognised that in order to help both myself and my team to move forward, investment in my business model is essential.  For this reason I have employed an internationally known coaching mentor to help impliment exciting new ideas and am also working collaboratively with other established salons to make sure you get a fantastic service at a competitive price.

We have a few things in the pipeline, one being a charity event in November and several ideas for service improvement and helping our graduate and building stylists to build their skills and clients.

I see BLISS Uckfield as an exciting work in progress and I wouldn’t want it any other way!